“Microsoft’s Windows is the popular operating system which is everywhere in the world of computers”

Now this is a past statement, that is it’s no more a giant in the industry.The Linux-based operating systems are dominating the world of computers these days.The popularity of windows lead the software Spiers to create viruses and non-essential add-ons which seriously destroyed our privacy.

Here comes the popularity of Apple’s Mac OS, we can call it as next generation operating system.It’s a build on a Linux based architecture and much powerful than our imaginations.


You pay 199$ for a windows version and what you get are a calculator, some freebie games, and a windows explorer.Ya read it once again if you are confused, all other applications even a good photo viewer is not free with it.You have to pay Microsoft extra dollars to use the office suite, that’s anything which is needed for our daily needs are charged additionally
Here comes the power of Mac OS, You pay 0$ for mac OS and you get the most powerful operating system in the world, I recall it as the next generation operating system.You get a good photo viewer which supports PSD and camera raw files without extra add-ons.And there is more than a productive people’s need is racked in the launchpad.Ya, a rack of iLife, Email,iWork and everything you need are preloaded to make us happy.Till now Mac OS suffer no or fewer security issues when compared to the other operating systems, if any just wait for a week there will be a good update to eliminate it.That is they take your security more seriously.