NVIDIA’s 1000 series card are now supported by Hackintosh

NVIDIA has released graphics drivers which can support most 1000 series cards on macOS Sierra.The new update also fixes some certain bugs, those who installed old nvidia drivers can also directly update to fix the issue.Direct download full drivers from the link below.



How to install ?

1.Install the OSX by booting with nv_disable=1 boot flag

2.After installation finishes, logon to desktop and install the downloaded web driver

3.System requires a reboot, during reboot don’t use the nv_disable=1

4.If your sytem was able to boot and in system report it shows full graphics memory specification , you are done

5.If your system fails to boot or invalid graphics memory specification, Download clover configurator

6.Mount boot drive EFI Partition

7.Open Config.Plist in clover configurator (EFI/EFI/CLOVER/config.plist)

8.Open “System Parameters” tab in clover configurator

9.Enable a) InjectKexts -> Yes  b) InjectSystemID c) NvidiaWeb

10.Save the file

11.Reboot, you are done