Nvidia Black Screen Fix

Works for CLOVER –> EL Capitan and Sierra

Also fixes black screen on using nvidia web drivers

GPU -> GT 740 + must have installed web drivers

GT 740 below no pre-requisites (To enable CUDA install web drivers + CUDA drivers)

Will fix work for you ??

–> 1st you must be able to boot using nv_disable boot flag

2nd when monitor goes to sleep at end of boot sequence you must be able to access your mac using VNC (screen share)

IF Above 2 conditions don’ work try my SMBIOS fix followed by EDID Injection

EDID Injection

  1.  Change your SMBIOS to anyone of these iMac 13,1 or 13,2 or 14,1 or 14,2 or 14,4 or 10,1 depending on GPU you must be able to boot without nv_disable=0 and with nvda_drv= 1 (for 740+ only)

2.  Dump your IOREG to a suitable location and search the dump file for EDID, Vendor ID and Product ID grab them all


Time to inject EDID

  1. Open the clover configurator go to graphics, paste EDID in custom EDID, paste product id and vendor id, and tick inject EDID


2.REBOOT and try it (use nvda_drv if using web drivers)


Blindly speaking if you use iMac smbios you can get rid of 50% graphic fixes like sleeping monitor with no VNC (iMac —> not portable so must be having a discrete GPU)
below is a SMBIOS list for suitable CPU architecture make sure you select correct one
Intel Core 2 Duo —> T7xxx —>iMac 7, 1  or  iMac 10, 1
T8xxx —>iMac 8, 1 or iMac 9, 1
Intel i3,i5,i7
1st Gen
iMac 11,1 or 11,2 or 11,3
2nd Gen
iMac 12,1 or 12,2
3rd Gen
iMac 13,1 or 13,2
4th Gen
iMac 14,1 or 14,2 or 14,4 or 15,1
5th Gen
iMac 16,1 or 16,2
6th Gen
iMac 17,1
Direct NVIDIA GPU supported iMac 13,1 or 13,2 or 14,1 or 14,2 or 14,4 or 10,1
Don’t use iMac —> 16,2 or 14,4 or 16,1 (these uses intel iris you may try SMBIOS fix if works report here )
no solution for 5th gen
you don’t need to inject EDID if you use Direct nvidia supported iMac SMBIOS (use nvda_drv=1 for gt740+)
use clover configurator for setting SMBIOS
SOON will be upgraded for VNC no working with monitor in sleep mode

feel free for suggestions to improve the fix

Don’t thank me if it works no credits to my pockets. Say thanks to GOOGLE and the hardworking DEVs

IF it work pls share a comment

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