Hackintosh BIOS Settings for MacOs Sierra

The keyhole of a hackintosh system lies in the bios settings.As much you are configuring it correctly you are saving time on fixing errors like kernel panics,freeze at some point,reboot issues.
In the following guide we describes the best settings for your hackintosh specially written for MacOs Sierra Installations
Boot into your bios and load the default bios configuration ( Very Important before next steps)
Execute Disable Bit / XD Function : Enabled
Max CPUID Value Limit : Disabled

xHCI HANDOFF : Enabled
Legacy USB Support : Enabled
HPET : Enabled
HPET Mode : 64 Bit
CSM : Disabled  ( Recommended) / Change State to Enabled if your display goes blank on restarting , just reset cmos 
Wake on Lan : Disabled
OS Type : Other OS
USB Configuration : Some new motherboards disable this function on default configuration , change it to enable else you will face USB boot issues
Notes :
We are not attaching screenshots of BIOS , it may arise confuions for differnt systems.You can just search the setting name with the motherboard name and you will get the settings tree of your motherboard
eg : If you are using ASUS P7H55-X , type in google search box HPET SETTING ASUS P7H55-X

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