AppleHDA Patch Request

Hello everyone,

As we know that for Hackintosh, having Native Audio can achieve only using Patched AppleHDA ,you can also use VoodooHDA (Universal Audio Driver) but you can’t get quality and native sound can only get using Patched AppleHDA.

We know that most of you can’t patch AppleHDA yourself (or) don’t have skills/time to search the web for posts/info related to AppleHDA. So, this thread is meant for the users to request AppleHDA patch. This thread explains how to get the Codec dump needed for AppleHDA patching from Linux to request patch and using those patched files.  


       How to Extract Codec Dump from Linux 

1. Use Ubuntu or Any Version of Linux Distro (Note : Use the latest version of Linux and Alsa drivers )

2. Open Terminal and copy paste below Code :

cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#1 > ~/Desktop/codec_dump.txt

OR i prefer to use below  Code :

cd ~/Desktop && mkdir CodecDump && for c in /proc/asound/card*/codec#*; do f="${c/\/*card/card}"; cat "$c" > CodecDump/${f//\//-}.txt; done && zip -r CodecDump

3. On Desktop there’s a folder/file name Codec_dump

4. Save this to safe place    



  • Extracted files using the above steps from Linux OS 
  • DSDT.aml 
  • Mac OSX Version (Ex:- 10.11.4 )
  • Config.plist or org.chameleon.boot.plist (BootLoader Config file )
  • Specify your MotherBoard model name in the mail (Ex:- Asus H61M-D) [Desktop User’s] [Desktop User’s only]
  • Post your Notebook/Laptop Model  (Ex:- Asus 550CB)  [Laptop User’s Only]
  • IOReg File saved using the attached IORegistryExplorer(v2.1) app [Only if you have OSX already installed]
  • Try to remind us about the patch request if you did not receive the patched files because we might forget due to the huge number of  requests we get and due to our free limited time.
 Download IORegistryExplorer from  here 
Hope This Can be Helpful for you 🙂
Thank You


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