The truth behind the OS X distros for pcs

There are many premade OS X distros which are easy to install on any system configurations without showing any errors . The real backplay behind the error free installation is because they have vast booflags and uniformly patched files which can work but kills your system.

So read why don’t go for osx distros ?

Why premade distros are bad ?

  1. Lack of performance due to widend use of bootflags
  2. Security issues – ( If backend scripts were included it can steal information from your pc when connected to internet)
  3. Included uniformly patched files can cause even hardware damages

So whats the right way !
The best way is to use vanilla installation methods . Since different systems have different hardware configuration we have to customize the bootloader settings and use properly patched files for each systems . Finding the right boot flags and files is little difficult but it makes the system perform well.
There are some noobs who always depend on premaded distros , think twice before using it because it make you blind and will not gift you a good performing osx . To understand the core part of it , Distros use a vast optional and unneeded boot flags for the error free installation. Thus you will not get any errors but will lag your system and kill the performance of your system.But if you are lazy always go for distros and kill yourself , But there are some genuine distort makers who collect your pc information and make a perfect distro specfificaly for you ! Its a paid service so that you can sit freely

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