Why you should upgrade to El Capitan ?

Since apple released its latest version of mac osx named El Capitan , the users are looking for the benefits that they will get after the upgrade .Here is the benefits and reasons that why should you upgrade to el capitan .

The mac osx Yosemite and el capitan both have same system requirements , so if you are running Yosemite you can make your system to work with el Capitan easily. From apple’s documentation the seven year old apple products are completely supported with the el Capitan release .

In the new release apple mainly focused their work to enhance the user experience to work with interface.

split view

Split View – Using this feature you can give two apps undivided attention without hiding and showing .Running lots of apps at the same time is one of the great things about using a Mac. Focusing on just one app in full-screen view is another. With Split View, you get the best of both. It automatically fills your screen with the two apps you choose


mision con

Improved Mission Control – The new Mission Control makes it easier to see and organize everything you have open on your Mac. With a single swipe, all the windows on your desktop arrange themselves in a single layer, with nothing stacked or hidden.

Call out your cursor – Now without third party apps you can spot your cursor on the crowded desktop cursor

Other than this apple improved spotlight , mail inbox ,note, safari ,maps and even introduced new fonts which enhances beauty to the texts.

Before upgrade make sure your data’s are safe . You can seek the help of backup apps like Carbon Copy Cloner ,SuperDuper for making that job easier. They allows to backup the exact duplicates of your hard drive with fewer clicks.

If you are using third-party specific application software’s for your profession or work , check the reviews of the application with new environment .In some cases your old application version will show compatibility issues ,so you want to downgrade your el Capitan to Yosemite again to work with it.

From apples release documentation , el Capitan can provide faster performance for rendering your graphic stuffs .It makes your mac to exhibit fluid and responsive behaviour which you love.

So never look a better time for upgrade , Upgrade it now 🙂

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