New Style of AppleHDA Patching Mac OS X Update Proof

AppleHDA Kext Patching for OS X Update Proof

Hello Everyone ,
I was using Piker method to patch AppleHDA from he introduced DummyHDA methods  which suffers from OS X Updates and makes your audio hassle free, now he also introduced a new method and will retain your audio as it is   but only one limitation i found with piker script this only supports codec which AppleHDA is patched by Toleda and others users are not able to get this.
Now I’m making a guide for every codec and a new method introduced by Piker Alpha which make patching AppleHDA so easy and OS X Update proof everyone can do it easily. No need to Clover bootloader patches for AppleHDA.

Also I don’t take credit for all this information entirely except for appreciation on writing this guide


All Credits goes to Piker Alpha and His New Style of AppleHDA kext Patching  who discovered this awesome solution for Hackintosh.


This guide will  explain how to make or patch  AppleHDA to work as  it is after OS X Updates and will retain your sound/audio was before .No need to clover patches for AppleHDA .just one time patch and long time usage . In this guide I’m Using ALC887-VD and its my audio codec as example.


Requirements :

  1. Vanilla AppleHDA (Non-Patched AppleHDA which is in System/Library/Extensions )
  2. Patched AppleHDA.kext ( Download it from Mirone Repo & My Repo )
  3. FakeSMC.kext ( Kozlek or Slice  FakeSMC Editions ) if you have  already installed it make sure its in System/Library/Extensions
  4. App for Editing plist file use Xcode or PlistEditorPro or BBEdit.

Note : Patched AppleHDA = AppleHDA is Working Perfectly on your system ,  i assume you are using it. otherwise you will have same issue likewise having before with AppleHDA.

I have divided this guide in three  section to make it more clear for everyone

Section 1 : Making of AppleHDALoader.kext 

1. Open Terminal:


2. Type in the following:

mkdir -m 755 -p "$HOME/Desktop/AppleHDALoader.kext/Contents/Resources"

3. Press Enter.

4. Now AppleHDALoader.kext is created on desktop . like followingAppleHDALoader.kext

Section 2 : Working with AppleHDALoader.kext 

Now we need to use Patch AppleHDA first of all determine which Layout_id is using , for example in Guide I’m using Patched AppleHDA for ALC887 which uses Layout_ID = 1 to 9 see following



1. Open AppleHDA.kext navigate to


2.Copy  all layoutxx.xml.zlib and Platforms.xml.zlib file and Paste it to


3. Now Copy MacOS folder from Patched AppleHDA


and Paste it to


4. Now Copy Info.plist from  AppleHDA


and Paste it to


5. Now Open Info.plist with Xcode or Plist EditorPro

6. Now change  Bundle version and Bundle versions string, short in Info.plist just use 9 before kext version which is 269.25 or something start with 9 like following

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 10.00.59 pm

Note : Remember till now we are using Patched AppleHDA.kext

Section 3 : Working with  FakeSMC.kext 

Now we will edit FakeSMC.kext , for Downlaoding FakeSMC.kext ( Kozlek or Slice  FakeSMC Editions ) if you have  already installed then copy it from System/Library/Extensions to Desktop .

1.Open FakeSMC.kext and look for info.plist and open it with PlistEditorPro or Xcode


2.Now goto Patched AppleHDA and navigate to following and Open info.plist


3.Copy all the value here: like Following

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 10.56.14 pm

IOKitPersonalities/HDA Hardware Config Resource
to Info.plist in FakeSMC.kext/Contents/:
IOKitPersonalities/HDA Hardware Config Resource

4. this will appear as following :

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 10.55.52 pm Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 10.56.14 pm


save the Info.plist

5.Now open FakeSMC.kext  and Navigate to


and make a new folder named as PlugIns

6. Now Copy AppleHDALoader.kext to PlugIns folder


That’s it now just Reinstall FakeSMC.kext to S/L/E using iKext or  Kext Wizard,rebuild cache/repair permission then restart.You may need to restart once more to get the sound.

Note : if you have FakeSMC in EFI directory of clover please remove it and just install this to S/L/E. this method will won’t work if FakeSMC.kext and AppleHDA (Vanilla) will not present in S/L/E and loaded by system .

Additional Workarounds for KnowledgeBase

1.For info.plist in AppleHDALoader.kext you can use info.plist from Vanilla AppleHDA and editing info.plist will remain same as above .

2.For AppleHDA Binary you can use MacOS folder in Vanilla AppleHDA and copy it to AppleHDALoader.kext but keep in mind here you need to do a binary patch for it use this  Guide AppleHDA Binary patching for Bin-patch

3.For Patched AppleHDA you can download already patched versions available from

Deepak Repo : Patched AppleHDA

Mirone Repo : AppleHDA 

4. For Patching AppleHDA use this guide : Complete Guide to Patch AppleHDA




Thank You


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