Best apps in to run .exe on mac osx


1.Parallels Desktop

Most preferred osx application for working with windows. It needs a windows installed partition in your system .You can keep the mac osx and windows individually as separate stands .Most advantage is that it ensures the working of most windows features




Unlike other applications , WineBottler doesn’t need emulators , virtualizers for its working. It comes as a package of windows-based programs including browsers, media players and frequently using application programs. It is a available as free of cost

3.Guest PC


Claimed as another computer inside the Mac. Installation and working with guest pc is easy when compare to similar applications. Also support different languages



Its tagline is interesting “Missing package manager for OSX “.It makes most windows-baed applications to run like a mac application



Crossover makes your mac to run windows utilities, games and other features on your mac environment. It makes easier  to switch between mac  and windows. Doesn’t need to reboot or other simulators for its functionality

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