EasyKext Utility for Mac OSX El Capitan (Hackintosh)

“Mac OSX El Capitan Supprted “

A Easiest and Super Fast Kext Installer ever for Hackintosh

This is A Simple and Fast Ever Kext Installer and Repair Permissions for OS X Yosemite and Other OS X version too ..

After using too many kexts installer which gave me some strange issues especially in Yosemite and is the reason behind creating this tool .

I created for personal use and thought I’d share with you  here.

Simply drop one or several kexts on the window or dock icon and let Easy Kext do the rest.

Video Installation Guide ::::

v4 1 1

v4 1

Compliant with Apple’s guidelines for installing extensions..



  1. Fastest Ever Kext Installer Utility for Yosemite and other OSX Versions .
  2. Super Fast Speed repair permissions for all system folders: /System/Library/Extensions
  3. Maintenance: Repair permissions, and rebuild cache for System/Library/Extensions.
  4. Super Fast Speed Updates  system caches
  5. Install multiple kext files simultaneously
  6. Installation: Install kexts to S/L/E .
  7. There’s no need to repair permissions in Disk Utility, after using this tool.

 Softpedia Approved



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