Best IOS8 Features That 99% People Don’t Know About

The new operating system has been loaded with a number of new features such as third party keyboards and extensions. However, apart from the big flashy features, there are some hidden and useful features incorporated as well. So we decided to bring to you these hidden features.

1.Battery Usage Breakdown

You can check which app is using how much of battery; for 24 hours and for the past 7 days.

2. Siri

When the device is plugged in, you can call Siri to activate it.

3. Black and White (While Low Battery)

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and toggle on “Grayscale.” This also consume less Battery , so you can turn this on while you need to save battery or while running in low battery ..

4. To hide a photo, just hold down and tap “Hide”



The photo will only be visible in the ‘hidden’ folder in albums and shall not show up in Moments, Collections or Years.

5. Favourite Contacts

Double tap the home button to bring up your favourite contacts.

6. Credit card scanning from within Safari

Making online purchases in Safari have been made really easy, just hold your credit card in front of the camera and the numbers shall be lifted off from the card and pasted into the designated and correct fields.

7. Auto delete messages


If you’ve been using your iPhone for a long time, you’ll have built up quite an archive of text messages. This can take up a lot of unnecessary space (do you really need those texts and pictures from two years ago?). iOS 8 now allows you to automatically delete these old messages after either 30 days or one year, potentially freeing up gigabytes of storage. Tap Settings > Messages and scroll down to Message History before selecting how long you’d like to keep your old messages.

8.Photo for iMessage

Photos can be inserted into iMessages by tapping the camera icon but if you tap and hold this icon, you’ll activate the camera, where you’ll be able to snap a picture or record a video for instant attachment.

9. Quick reply to messages by swiping down on notification banners

Any time you receive a text or iMessage you can swipe downwards on the notification banner, which will open small message window. Type your reply and hit send. This feature is particularly useful for those who dislike the faff of exiting an app in order to send a reply before re-entering the app they were in prior to receiving a message.

10. Recover recently deleted photos

Yoiu can recover photos anytime are in recently deleted folder .

11.Magnify the screen



To set it up, open the Settings app then tap General > Accessibility > Zoom. At the bottom, tap Zoom Region and then tap Full Screen Zoom. Then tap the switch alongside the Zoom heading at the top to activate the feature. (If you find yourself zoomed in immediately double-tap with three fingers bunched together to zoom out.)

12.Use photos and formatting in Notes



you can now format text in notes, although only after you’ve typed it – double-tap to highlight the word, or double-tap and drag to highlight a sentence or paragraph, and then select BIU on the pop-out menu (or tap the right-facing arrow and select it). Then make your selection.

13.Search sites quickly in Safari

Just like its desktop older brother, the URL/search field in Safari within iOS 8 has the ability to automagically search websites using the site’s own search function.

14.Create folders within folders

First, create the second of the folders – the one you want to place inside an existing one. Then create a new folder but, just as the icon flashes and before iOS zooms in so you can see its contents, lift your finger and use another finger to tap and hold the first folder.If you do it right, that folder will be dragged into the new one. Release your finger and you’ll have a folder within your folder!

16. individual notifications

Just select the Notifications tab, then swipe left on the notification. An (X) will appear, and tapping it will do the business!

17.Hide icons

Start by ensuring the first home screen is filled with icons, so there’s no gaps. The app you want to hide should be on a different home screen page. Tap and hold the icon you want to hide so that it wobbles, and drag it over any of the first home screen icons. This will create a folder, but don’t drop the icon. Instead, drag it over to where the Dock usually lives at the bottom of the screen and quickly release before the folder disappears

19.New Emojis KeyBoard


CCHGKUMUEAAUBSzNew-Emojis-iPhone-iOS-8.3-2-720x576 New-Emojis-iPhone-iOS-8.3-7-720x581

Apple adds 300 new emojis to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch– giving users access to a new iPhone Emoji keyboard and the option to change the skin tone or skin color of the new emojis.

20.All New Music App


The app features a beautiful, more-simplified design, with quick access to things like recently-added music and your custom playlists. It also offers a more streamlined iTunes Radio experience,New MiniPlayer, a new Global Search option, Up Next queuing and much more.

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