MacPois0n Yosemite – Xtreme AIO Post Installation Tool for Hackintosh

The AIO Extreme Post-Installation Utility for Hackintosh Yosemite



After Creation of Macpois0n Xtreme Post Installation Tool for Hackintosh, This is Exclusive and Especially for Yosemite Hackintosh’s .

It is complete driver and tools package for which fulfil  every Hackintosh’s requirements for Newbie/Noob/New Comer and Advance User .

Video Tutorial for Installation :- 

::::: It features a collection of drivers and very popular Hackintosh tools for most systems. This tool has patches and kexts for CPU Power Management, Patched ACPI Kexts, Graphics Kexts, Ethernet, WIFI Injectors, A lot of Touchpad Support, USB 3.0 and a lot more.

Bootloader – The bootloader is a piece of software that is initiated by the bios. It allows you to select what drive or partition to boot to and starts the kernel.

Chameleon: You can install the most popular user friendly Chameleon boot loader with EFI or Legacy mode. are used my the majority of the Hackintosh community meaning it will be easy to find support and fixes for Chameleon.

Clover: You can install Clover boot loader UEFI and Legacy mode which suites you better .Clover is a much more advanced and powerful bootloader than Chameleon. It automatically injects SMBIOS, and can quickly patch and fix many of issues with hackintoshes. Clover also supports UEFI booting, meaning faster boot times on UEFI capable motherboards.

Drivers/ Kexts: Kexts are similar to Windows Drivers. They are modules loaded by the kernel that can add support for various things. When running OS X on a PC, you will need to add kexts to get full functionality out of your machine.Most of the fine kexts are included in the tools, and constantly updated. The kexts cover a wide range of devices from desktops to laptops.

Fixes: Most useful fixes for hackintosh which troubleshoot and improve hackintosh funactionability. helps you to complete your Hackintosh.

Hackintosh Tools:Most useful hackintosh tools which add more features to it and helps you configure and monitor your Hackintosh.


All feedback are welcome, and please post your suggestion (kexts, patches).

 Fix for MacPois0n when you receive this Error :-

When this type of Error encountered , now you have to just re-install you AppleHDA.kext and again run MacPois0n Installer ..

MacPois0n Fix

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What’s New
Version 2.9 (May 17, 2015):
 ▪ Update Clover 3207
 ▪ Updatre Chameleon 2686
 ▪ Update cDock v7.3
 ▪ Update EasyKext Installer v1.4
 ▪ Update Fast Task 2
 ▪ Update IDT 76D1,76D9,76DF,7605,7603 Codecs
 ▪ Update EAPDFix kext
 ▪ Update BTFirmwareUploader Kext
 ▪ Update FnKeysAsus kext
 ▪ Add IDT 7608,IDT 7603,IDT 7675 Codecs
 ▪ Add AsusAcpiBacklightPanel kext
 ▪ Add Fake PCIID_IntelHD4600/HD4400
 ▪ Add Fake PCIID_Intel HDMI
 ▪ Add Fake PCIID_AR9280
 ▪ Add Fake PCIID_BCMBCM94352Z & BCM57XX
 ▪ Fix Clover UEFI Installation
 ▪ Fix Sound issue for 10.10.3
 ▪ Fixed many Bugs
 ▪ Major Updates fix and Optimizations
 ▪ Some code optimizations

Version 2.8 (April 26, 2015):
 ▪ Update Clover 3202
 ▪ Updatre Chameleon 2658
 ▪ Update AtherE200Ethernet Kext v2.0
 ▪ Update IntelMausi Ethernet v2.0
 ▪ Update Clover Configurator 4.22.9
 ▪ Update CloverThemeManager v0.76.1 update id 14
 ▪ Add SmartTouchPad Driver for Elan ,FocalTech and Synaptic Touchpads
 ▪ Add EayKextInstaller v1.2
 ▪ Add Please Sleep 
 ▪ Add Hex Patcher
 ▪ Add FastTask 2
 ▪ Add App Fixer
 ▪ Fixed many Bugs
 ▪ Major Updates fix fand Optimizations

Version 2.7 (March 17, 2015):

 ▪ Update Clover 3195
 ▪ Update Chameleon 2632
 ▪ Update Clover Configurator 4.22.5
 ▪ Update CloverThemeManager 
 ▪ Update Clover Mode
 ▪ Update IntelMausi kext
 ▪ Optimised Cache updates 
 ▪ Major Updates fix 
 ▪ Minor bugs fix and Optimizations

Version 2.6 (March 17, 2015):

 ▪ Update Clover 3195
 ▪ Update Chameleon 2632
 ▪ Update Clover Configurator 4.22.5
 ▪ Update CloverThemeManager 
 ▪ Update cDock
 ▪ Update ALC269 AIO Audio
 ▪ Add Clover Mode app by chris1111
 ▪ Add Orange Icon fix Patch
 ▪ Optimised Cache updates 
 ▪ Major Updates fix 
 ▪ Minor bugs fix and Optimizations

Version 2.5 (March 14, 2015):

 ▪ Update Clover 3193
 ▪ Update Chameleon 2615
 ▪ Update Clover Configurator 4.22.5
 ▪ Update CloverThemeManager 0.76.0
 ▪ Update cDock
 ▪ Update Elan & FocalTech Touchpad v4.2
 ▪ Update AtherosE2200 Ethernet v1.0.1
 ▪ Add Darwin Dumper v2.9.8
 ▪ Add HD4600 QE/CI patch
 ▪ Add Realtek USB Adapters Kext
 ▪ Add Mouse Acceleration
 ▪ Add SmoothMouse
 ▪ Add AppleHDA AIO Patch
 ▪ Add VIA AppleHDA patch
 ▪ Fix bug with FakeSMC installation
 ▪ Minor bugs fix and Optimizations

Version 2.4 (February 15, 2015):

 ▪ Update Clover 3183
 ▪ Update Clover Configurator 4.22.4
 ▪ Update CloverThemeManager 
 ▪ Update cDock
 ▪ Add HD4400 Full QE/CI Patch
 ▪ Add HDAEnablers for Layout ID inject 1,2,3,5,7,9,12,28
 ▪ Add Reset AppleHDA
 ▪ Add Radeon HD 6xxx Series Patch
 ▪ Add Radeon R9 270 Series Patch
 ▪ Add ATY Injector AMD 2xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx. R9 200x
 ▪ Minor bugs fix and Optimizations

Version 2.3 (February 7, 2015):

 ▪ Update Clover 3163
 ▪ Update Chameleon 2570
 ▪ Update RealtekRTL8111 1.2.3 optimised version of AndyVindijick
 ▪ Update MediaTek N USB kext 
 ▪ Update Elan Touchpad, BTFirmwareUploader and ASUSFnKeys Kexts
 ▪ Update cDock 7.0.2
 ▪ Update Clover Configurator 4.22.2
 ▪ Update CloverThemeManager 
 ▪ Update AppleHDA Codec to v2
 ▪ Add EAPD Jack Sense Fix
 ▪ Add Chameleon to install in ESP
 ▪ Add AppleHDA IDT 7675, ADI and VIA 1802 Codec
 ▪ Minor bugs fix and Optimizations

Version 2.2 (February 1 2015):

 ▪ Update Clover 3153
 ▪ Update Chameleon 2549
 ▪ Update Clover Configurator 4.22.1
 ▪ Update SSDTPrgen 15.7
 ▪ Update AppleHDA Patch
 ▪ Update FakeSMC 1364 
 ▪ Update Realtek Ethernet, Atheros Ethernet, BroadCom Ethernet, Intel Ethernet and all kexts 
 ▪ Add Clover ThemeManager
 ▪ Add Trim Enabler
 ▪ Add Desktop Utility 
 ▪ Add cDock
 ▪ Add Kext Wizard
 ▪ Add HackStore
 ▪ Add Laptop HibernateMode
 ▪ Add FakeSMC v3.4.1 Slice Branch
 ▪ Add AppleHDA Codec
 ▪ Add IOBlockStorageInjector.kext
 ▪ Add Chameleon Modules
 ▪ Add VoodooTSCSync.kext 4, 6 and 8 core CPU
 ▪ other improvements and Bugfixes
 ▪ Reworked Code for better installation
 ▪ Improved UI and Installation process
 ▪ Major Updates fix and Optimizations

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