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  • How to Direct Update  to OS X El Capitan from Mac OS X  (Hackintosh)

    How to Direct Update to OS X El Capitan from Mac OS X (Hackintosh)

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    Install MacOS Sierra on PC


  • Sep 23 / 2016
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Asus UEFI BootMenu
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Hackintosh BIOS Settings for MacOs Sierra

The keyhole of a hackintosh system lies in the bios settings.As much you are configuring it correctly you are saving time on fixing errors like kernel panics,freeze at some point,reboot issues.
In the following guide we describes the best settings for your hackintosh specially written for MacOs Sierra Installations
Boot into your bios and load the default bios configuration ( Very Important before next steps)
Execute Disable Bit / XD Function : Enabled
Max CPUID Value Limit : Disabled

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  • Sep 21 / 2016
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Do Direct Update to MacOS Sierra from Old mac osx Hackintosh

This is a followup guide  to upgrade/update  your Hackintosh  (Mac OSX Any Version ) in Simplest and Easiest way to the newly released MacOS Sierra .It is recommended only to people who setup their hackintosh using the clover boot loader.Via this method you can update your hackintosh like the original apple systems does.This is a complete native method ie: Requires no USB creation or preparation. Note: Before you begin, we strongly recommend performing a full backup of your existing system , you can always go back to your old working OS X  installation.Kindly read full guide before proceeding added some special notes at the end 

Steps to be Follow : 

1. Download the latest version of Clover from sourceforge and update your existing Clover install.

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  • Sep 16 / 2016
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Install MacOS Sierra on Hackintosh PC [ Vanilla Installation Method ]

The Complete followup guide for installing a MacOS Sierra  (Fully Vanilla Installation Method) on your PC or Hackintosh system .

You not be a expert ! Here you have  all  installation steps  mentioned 


Basic Requirements :

1.At least 8 GB USB Drive

2. Mac OS X Application – Install MacOS Sierra.app on Applications

3. Latest revision of Bootloader Clover  Bootloader from SourceForge

4. Essential Kext Downloads Here 



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